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Starter Mystery Box

  • $59.99


Don't know what to get? No worries, we got you covered! Our Starter Box is for our serious food lovers! You will receive a variety of some of our most popular snacks and drinks. The best part is that every month you will receive new and exclusive items. You never have to worry about receiving the same items over and over. You thought that was the best part? The best part is that the value of the items you receive are always going to be greater than the cost of the box. That means you are always getting the best deal!

Our boxes are not based on a fixed amount of items. Our boxes are based on the actual value of the items inside. For example if you were to buy each item individually that comes in the box you would end up paying more. Hence you actually save money buying our subscription boxes. All boxes are assorted but we do always included a mix of drinks, chips, chocolates and candy. 

We do recommend you buy individual items if you wanted something specific!